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Whether you have a music festival to organise, any filming needs (for example a reality television series, full length movie) or a need to show international partners around Australia, we have the aircraft, the expertise to fulfil your desires and importantly the experience to ensure your event runs smoothly, hassle free and with a minimum of fuss

Bell 206B3

Bell 206B3 JetRanger

- up to 4 passengers, single turbine engine

EC130 - scenic flight luxury

Airbus H130

- 6 passenger, single turbine engine 

BK117 8 passenger helicopter

MBB/Kawasaki BK117

-  up to 8 passenger, twin  turbine engine 

Robinson R44, 2 passenger helicopter at FINO Seppeltsfield

Robinson R44

- 2 passenger,  piston engine

AS355 - 5 passenger helicopter

Eurocopter AS 355* Equreuil (Twin Squirrel)

- 5 passenger, twin turbine engine 

Eurocopter AS350 Equreuil (Squirrel)

- 5 passenger, single turbine engine 

Luxury helicopter seating for 6 in AW109

Future aircraft: Agusta/Leonardo AW 109

-  up to 7 passenger, twin  turbine engine 

What are your requirements?  

  • Do you need to take 3 to lunch, or 30?

  • Do you have a need to fly to view a property?

  • Are you a film location manager and require aircraft for a day, a week or a month?

  • Perhaps you are  organising a music festival and require rapid transfer of musicians?

We have the experience, the knowledge and the aircraft to make your day a success, smoothly, seamlessly and with a minimum of fuss

When you fly with HELI LUNCH you'll be flying in a helicopter (or helicopters)  perfectly suited to your requirements

Whether you are the Chairman of the Board  looking for a fast and convenient means for your Board to view a property,  a photographer with particular location requirements, or a scenic visitor wanting to see it all, we have a versatile fleet of helicopters to match your expectations.


From the economical Robinson R44, the versatile Eurocopter EC130, or the corporate Bell 206 and Eurocopter AS350, we can offer a helicopter solution that is perfectly suited to any requirement. We can also provide AS355 and BK117 twin engine helicopter solutions*.

*Subject to machine availability

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