What are your requirements?  

Do you need to take 3 to lunch, or 30?  

Do  you have a need to fly  to view a property?

We have the experience, the knowledge and the aircraft to make your day a success, smoothly, seamlessly and with a minimum of fuss

When you fly with HELI LUNCH you'll be flying in a helicopter (or helicopters)  perfectly suited to your requirements

Whether you are the Chairman of the Board  looking for a fast and convenient means for your Board to view a property,  a photographer with particular location requirements, or a scenic visitor wanting to see it all, we have a versatile fleet of helicopters to match your expectations.


From the economical Robinson R44, the versatile Eurocopter EC130, or the corporate Bell 206 and Eurocopter AS350, we can offer a helicopter solution that is perfectly suited to any requirement. We can also provide AS355 twin engine helicopter solutions*.


Bell 206B3 JetRanger

- up to 4 passengers, single turbine engine



- 6 passenger, single turbine engine 


Robinson R44

- 2 passenger,  piston engine


AS 355* Twin Squirrel

- 5 passenger, twin turbine engine 

AS350 Squirrel

- 5 passenger, single turbine engine 

A recent client experience...


“Garry’s knowledge and experience helped us to impress our overseas partners while flying them from Adelaide to Lucky Bay.


We had changed the plan several times, but Garry remained patient and flexible, helping us finalising the trip.


Our partners were provided with excellent customer care during pickup at the airport and during the day while they were travelling to Lucky Bay.


T-Ports couldn’t have made a better choice in deciding to use the services of Heli Lunch.”

Adrienn Schlakker

PA to CEO & Office Administrator


*Subject to machine availability