"Our vision is to lead the way in Aerospace Tourism by exceeding customer expectations through Safe, Innovative and Seriously Fun experiences"

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HELI LUNCH is a bespoke, all inclusive dining experience comprising chauffeured limousines, helicopters, restaurants and wineries.

Importantly, HELI LUNCH is all about enjoying yourself and having fun, serious fun, in style.


From the moment a chauffeured limousine arrives at your hotel, home or office to drive you to the Adelaide Airport and your waiting Helicopter, you just know the day is going to be special.    


Brilliant for sales teams as a sales goal, or for businesses wishing to thank clients or enjoy a lunch out of the office.

Mother's/Father's Day, special occasions, milestones, anniversaries, proposals, or any other occasion.


Or just indulge yourself..

Choose to Heli Lunch with us casually, or Heli Lunch when and where you desire, with CLUB HELI LUNCH  


When everything is taken care of, there is nothing to do but relax and enjoy yourself 


​...Experience HELI LUNCH